Sofia Vergara Faces $1.7 Million Lawsuit For Unpaid Contractor Fees


Popular actress Sofia Vergara has found herself in hot water after being sued by a contractor who claims she failed to pay over $1.7 million for a renovation project on her lavish Beverly Hills home. The lawsuit, filed by Reside Custom Homes (RCH), alleges that despite an agreement to cover the construction work and contractor’s fees, Vergara never followed through with payment.

Key Takeaway

Sofia Vergara is facing a lawsuit from a contractor who claims she has not paid over

.7 million for a renovation project on her Beverly Hills home. The contractor alleges that Vergara approved the additional work but failed to fulfill her promise to pay for it, resulting in a substantial outstanding balance.

The Allegations

In April 2022, Sofia Vergara enlisted the services of RCH to undertake extensive renovations on her $26 million mansion situated in the prestigious Beverly Park neighborhood. According to the lawsuit, the project was deemed substantially completed by December 2022. However, Vergara allegedly requested additional work that went beyond the scope of the original agreement, resulting in an extension of the job until March 2023.

The additional work included the installation of clay plaster in multiple areas of the house, such as three powder rooms, an office, the dining room walls, the cabana bathroom, and the guest house living room. Furthermore, Vergara reportedly requested the removal and replacement of a flight of stairs.

RCH agreed to complete the additional work, but claims that Vergara failed to fulfill her promise to pay for it. The company alleges that she approved an invoice totaling nearly $900,000 and assured them that her money manager would settle the bill promptly. However, the payment was never made, resulting in an outstanding balance of $1,700,492.64.

The Response

As of now, there has been no response from Sofia Vergara’s representative regarding the lawsuit. However, the actress is expected to face legal consequences if the allegations are proven true.