Slim Jxmmi Breaks Video Game Addiction Through New Year’s Resolution


In a recent interview, Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi revealed that he has successfully overcome his addiction to video games. The rapper had made a New Year’s resolution to cut himself off from playing PlayStation for an entire year, and while he didn’t manage to go the full distance, he considers it a win because he has broken free from the grips of his controller.

Key Takeaway

Slim Jxmmi successfully tackled his video game addiction by implementing a break from gaming as part of his New Year’s resolution. While he didn’t complete the full year, he used the time away from gaming to concentrate on his music and achieve a more balanced approach to gaming. Jxmmi’s story highlights the importance of self-awareness and finding a healthy balance between hobbies and personal aspirations.

The Battle Against Video Game Addiction

At the beginning of the year, Slim Jxmmi voiced his concerns about how his excessive gaming was interfering with his musical aspirations. He felt that his time spent playing video games was taking away valuable hours that could have been devoted to making music.

As a result, Jxmmi decided to take a break from gaming and used this time to focus on his music career. He took advantage of the video game hiatus to work on an EP, alongside fulfilling other vocal responsibilities for 2024.

A Balanced Approach

Approximately nine months into his video game sabbatical, Slim Jxmmi decided it was time to reintroduce gaming into his life. He resumed playing popular titles such as “NBA 2K” and “Call of Duty.” However, he no longer finds himself glued to the TV screen as before.

Jxmmi has adopted a more balanced approach, acknowledging the importance of taking breaks from gaming. He now consciously breaks up his gaming sessions by going outside and enjoying the simple pleasure of touching the grass.

Looking Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

Besides breaking free from his video game addiction, Slim Jxmmi has also decided to let go of the concept of New Year’s resolutions. Instead, he embraces personal growth and self-improvement throughout the year, regardless of the calendar date.

As Slim Jxmmi continues his musical journey, he serves as an inspiration to others struggling with similar challenges by demonstrating that it is possible to conquer addictive habits and pursue personal growth.