Sharon Stone Recalls Police Protection During O.J. Simpson Chase


Sharon Stone, the renowned actress, recently shared a surprising anecdote about the time when the Los Angeles Police Department came to her aid during the infamous O.J. Simpson low-speed chase in 1994. In an interview with InStyle Magazine, Stone revealed that her soaring fame following the success of the 1992 film “Basic Instinct” led to this unexpected encounter with law enforcement.

Key Takeaway

Sharon Stone’s revelation about receiving police protection during the O.J. Simpson chase sheds light on the profound impact of celebrity status and the extraordinary measures taken to ensure personal safety in the public eye.

Police Intervention

During the dramatic pursuit of O.J. Simpson, LAPD officers arrived at Stone’s residence and instructed her to quickly pack a bag. They emphasized the potential danger, urging her to be prepared within the next 10 minutes. Despite the absence of any direct association between Stone and Simpson, the police took swift action to ensure her safety.

Unwavering Response

Without questioning the necessity of police protection, Stone promptly complied with the officers’ instructions and accompanied them to a hotel. Reflecting on the incident, she attributed the need for such measures to the overwhelming impact of her role in “Basic Instinct,” which had propelled her into a whirlwind of public attention and scrutiny.

Ensuring Safety

Following this unsettling episode, Stone heeded the advice of law enforcement and invested in security measures, including acquiring a gated residence and hiring personal security. These precautions underscore the lengths to which individuals in the public eye may go to safeguard themselves in the face of heightened visibility and potential risks.