Derek Chauvin’s Family Left In The Dark Over Prison Stabbing


Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who was convicted of murdering George Floyd, was recently stabbed while in prison, and his family is frustrated with the lack of information surrounding the incident.

Key Takeaway

Derek Chauvin’s family is demanding answers after he was stabbed while in prison. They remain frustrated with the lack of information surrounding the incident and Chauvin’s current condition. The family believes that the prison has been slow to update them and lacks transparency. Chauvin’s attorney argues that the prison should have taken stronger measures to prevent such an attack, given his high-profile status. If further information is not provided, the family will consider their legal options.

Uncertainty and Frustration

Chauvin’s attorney, Gregory M. Erickson, revealed that the family has been kept in the dark about the details of the stabbing and Chauvin’s current condition. Despite attempts to gather more information, they know nothing about how the stabbing occurred or who was responsible.

According to Erickson, the family had to rely on news reports for updates, which they find unjust and cruel. They believe that the federal facility in Tucson, AZ, where Chauvin is currently detained, has been slow in updating them and lacks transparency.

High-Profile Inmate

Erickson further argues that the prison should have taken measures to prevent such an incident from happening in the first place due to Chauvin’s high-profile status. As one of the most high-profile inmates since O.J. Simpson, Chauvin’s safety should have been prioritized, with measures in place to prevent any inmates from getting close to him or having access to weapons.

Legal Options and Lack of Communication

In the aftermath of the stabbing, Erickson stated that he has reached out to prison officials multiple times but has received no response. If answers are not provided soon, Chauvin’s family and legal team will consider their legal options, although it remains uncertain what those options may be.

When contacted about Chauvin’s situation, a representative from the Bureau of Prisons cited privacy, safety, and security reasons for not discussing the matter. They did emphasize that the Bureau takes its responsibility to protect inmates seriously, as well as ensuring the safety of correctional employees and the community.