Shaquem Griffin In Talks With Michael B. Jordan For Biopic


Shaquem Griffin, the former NFL star known for his inspiring journey, is in talks with Michael B. Jordan for a biopic about his life. Griffin, who overcame the amputation of his left hand at a young age, has been working on the movie for over two years. The project has gained significant attention, with Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society production company expressing interest in acquiring it.

Key Takeaway

Shaquem Griffin, the former NFL star, is in discussions with Michael B. Jordan’s production company for a biopic about his inspiring life journey. The potential collaboration has generated significant interest, signaling a promising development for the project.

Interest in the Biopic

Shaquem Griffin revealed that the interest in the biopic has been growing rapidly, with more people eager to be part of the project. He expressed confidence that as the script nears completion, more opportunities will arise. Griffin’s agent has been in discussions with Michael B. Jordan’s production company, indicating a potential collaboration that could bring his remarkable story to the big screen.

Potential Starring Role

While it remains unclear whether Michael B. Jordan would take on the starring role, Griffin expressed his endorsement for the actor’s involvement. He acknowledged that if Jordan were to portray him, the movie would need to address his limb difference, possibly through CGI. Despite this, Griffin remains enthusiastic about the potential collaboration with the acclaimed actor.

Life Beyond the NFL

Although Shaquem Griffin has been out of the NFL since the 2021 season, he has remained active in various endeavors. In addition to working on the biopic, he has also ventured into motivational speaking, as highlighted by his twin brother in 2022. Griffin’s resilience and determination continue to inspire others, making his journey a compelling narrative for the big screen.