Michael B. Jordan Crashes Ferrari Into Parked Kia In Hollywood


Michael B. Jordan, the esteemed actor known for his roles in movies such as “Black Panther” and “Creed,” encountered a mishap on Saturday night in Hollywood. The incident involved a regrettable collision between his sleek blue Ferrari and a parked Kia of a similar color.

Key Takeaway

Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari collided with a parked Kia in Hollywood. The incident did not result in any injuries, and Michael was found to be not under the influence. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

The unfortunate incident took place around 11:30 PM, leaving both vehicles damaged. However, the good news is that neither party suffered any injuries. Law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene and, upon investigation, found no indications of Michael being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Consequently, no field sobriety test was conducted.

Despite the thorough examination by the authorities, Michael did not disclose the cause of the crash. The focus seemed to be on ensuring the well-being of everyone involved and assessing the property damage. Hollywood onlookers were reassured that no one involved required medical attention.

The LAPD advised Michael to fill out a police report online, simplifying the process and ensuring that all necessary information is recorded. This will aid in determining the legal and insurance implications of the accident.

Although this unexpected incident may have spoiled what was likely a pleasant evening for Michael B. Jordan, it is vital to remember that accidents can happen to anyone. As a celebrity, Michael must now navigate the necessary formalities that follow such occurrences. We hope that both Michael and the owner of the parked Kia can quickly resolve any issues arising from this unfortunate event.