Shaq: Deion Sanders Reminds Him Of Phil Jackson, Best Coach In College Football


NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has given high praise to Coach Deion Sanders, comparing him to the renowned NBA coach Phil Jackson. During the recent thrilling game between Sanders’ team and Colorado State, Shaq noticed a resemblance in Sanders’ demeanor to Jackson’s.

Key Takeaway

Shaq compares Deion Sanders’ coaching style to Phil Jackson, recognizing Sanders’ ability to stay calm under pressure. Shaq attributes the success of his own team under Jackson to the coach’s composed presence and believes Sanders is currently the best coach in college football.

Reflecting on the game, Shaq spoke highly of Sanders’ composure in the face of adversity. When Sanders’ squad was down 15 points, the cameras captured his focused and calm expression, evoking memories of Jackson for Shaq.

Shaq believes that a steady and composed leader can have a significant impact on the team’s performance. Drawing from his own experience playing under Phil Jackson with the Lakers, Shaq highlighted the importance of a coach who doesn’t panic. Jackson’s arrival instilled a sense of confidence in the players, which ultimately led to their success.

Sanders’ coaching prowess is evident in his team’s impressive turnaround. After only winning one game last season, they are now 3-0 and ranked 19th in the country. Shaq’s observation of Sanders’ coaching style further solidifies his belief that Sanders is the best coach in college football at present.

In conclusion, Shaq’s comparison between Deion Sanders and Phil Jackson highlights the impact of a composed coach on the team’s performance. Sanders’ impressive coaching achievements have earned him recognition as the best coach in college football according to Shaq.