Shannon Beador Takes Responsibility And Offers To Pay For Damaged Property Following DUI


“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador has stepped up to take responsibility for the hit-and-run incident that occurred over the weekend in Newport Beach. After crashing into a property and attempting to flee the scene, Beador’s attorney, Michael Fell, has been in direct contact with the property owner to rectify the situation.

Key Takeaway

Shannon Beador has taken the initiative to offer full financial restitution for the damage caused by her DUI incident, demonstrating her commitment to making amends. She is also actively exploring options for treatment, displaying a genuine desire to address and resolve the issues at hand.

Shannon’s Promise to Make Amends

According to sources close to the situation, Shannon Beador has made a sincere offer through her lawyer to cover the cost of all the damage and necessary repairs caused by the accident. She is fully committed to providing the financial compensation required to fix the property.

Furthermore, Beador recognizes the need for personal intervention and is actively exploring options for treatment. Although no definitive decision has been made, she is genuinely concerned about her well-being and is determined to seek the help she believes is necessary.

A Regretful Incident

Video footage obtained from the incident captures Beador allegedly speeding through a residential area before colliding with the side of the property. Subsequently, she was discovered by law enforcement officers pretending to walk her dog. Beador was subsequently arrested and booked for two misdemeanors: hit-and-run and DUI alcohol.