Shannon Beador Seeks Support From Ex-Boyfriend John Janssen Following DUI Arrest


Reality TV star Shannon Beador has been spotted seeking support from her ex-boyfriend, John Janssen, following her recent arrest for a DUI and hit-and-run incident. Photos captured Shannon visiting John’s residence in Newport Beach, CA, just a few days after the incident. The images reveal Shannon with her left arm tucked inside her jacket, suggesting she may have sustained injuries during the crash.

Key Takeaway

Shannon Beador, known for her appearances on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” has resurfaced after her DUI arrest and subsequent hit-and-run incident. Seen seeking support from her ex-boyfriend, Shannon’s visit to John Janssen’s residence hints at a possible reconciliation between the two.

Unexpected Reunion

The encounter between Shannon and John comes as a surprise, considering their previous acrimonious breakup. Their split had deeply affected Shannon, but it appears that John is now back in her corner. The pair seemed to be on good terms as they walked together, with John closely following Shannon up the stairs.

The DUI Arrest

Last Saturday night, Shannon was arrested and taken to jail after allegedly driving under the influence and causing a hit-and-run incident. According to reports, Shannon’s car crashed into a home in Newport Beach, damaging a concrete planter in the process. Fortunately, no individuals were harmed in the accident. Video footage obtained later displayed Shannon’s erratic driving behavior leading up to the crash.

Expressing remorse and regret, Shannon’s attorney has stated that she is deeply apologetic for her actions. Although the incident brought legal consequences, Shannon’s focus now seems to be on her recovery.

As Shannon Beador navigates the aftermath of her DUI arrest, she is leaning on her ex-partner for support. The unexpected reunion with John Janssen suggests a potential rekindling of their relationship. While legal consequences loom, Shannon’s focus now appears to be on the healing process and repairing her personal life.