Separated Manatees Finally Relocated After Public Outrage Sparks Change


A viral video showcasing the isolated conditions of a trio of manatees has led to their relocation, and the man responsible for the video, Phil Demers of Urgent Seas, is relieved that action is being taken. The video, which gained significant attention online, highlighted the plight of the manatees, particularly Romeo, at the Miami Seaquarium.

Key Takeaway

A viral video shedding light on the conditions of isolated manatees has resulted in their relocation to better facilities. The advocacy of Phil Demers and the public pressure he generated played a crucial role in ensuring a brighter future for these marine mammals.

Video Raises Awareness

Demers, the head of whistleblower organization Urgent Seas, posted the video last month, which quickly gained traction on the internet. In the video, Romeo is seen enduring a desolate existence at the Miami Seaquarium, while his female companion, Juliet, is also kept in isolation. Another manatee named Clarity is similarly confined. The public response to the video was overwhelming, forcing the Seaquarium to address the issue.

Positive Change in The Works

Although reuniting Romeo and Juliet seems unlikely, their relocation to improved facilities with proper care is a significant achievement. Demers explains that releasing them into the wild may not be feasible, but he remains optimistic about the positive change happening for the manatees. He believes that the public pressure exerted in response to the video has played a pivotal role in securing a better future for these creatures.

Proof That Public Pressure Works

Demers views the relocation as proof that public pressure can drive positive change. He is delighted that the manatees will soon have a renewed lease on life in their new surroundings. While the Miami Seaquarium claims that the relocation was always part of the plan, many remain skeptical of their motives.