Selena Gomez Shares Intimate Moment With Boyfriend Benny Blanco On Instagram


Selena Gomez recently took to Instagram to share some of her favorite moments from her time in New York, and one particular photo has caught the attention of fans. The singer and actress posted a picture of herself sharing a kiss with her boyfriend, Benny Blanco, publicly showcasing their affection for each other.

Key Takeaway

Selena Gomez’s recent Instagram post featuring a kiss with boyfriend Benny Blanco has sparked discussions about love, relationships, and standing up to criticism. The public display of affection has garnered both support and attention, highlighting the importance of prioritizing positivity in personal life.

Celebrating Friendship and Love

Among the series of photos, one stood out as Selena celebrated her friend Taylor Swift’s birthday and shared intimate moments with Benny Blanco. The image of her kissing Benny Blanco has sparked a wave of reactions and support from her fans.

Defending Her Relationship

Despite facing criticism from some fans, Selena has been vocal about defending her relationship with Benny Blanco. She addressed negative comments and stood firm in expressing her love and appreciation for her boyfriend, emphasizing that he has been treating her exceptionally well.

Standing Strong

Selena’s public display of affection and her unwavering response to critics reflect her commitment to her relationship and her determination to focus on the positive aspects of her life. Her message serves as a reminder to prioritize genuine connections and to not let negativity overshadow personal happiness.