Ron DeSantis Sparks Controversy By Using Poop Photo To Attack Gavin Newsom In Fox News Debate

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In a fiery debate on Fox News, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis clashed on a range of pressing issues that affect the country. However, the 90-minute discourse took an unexpected turn when DeSantis decided to bring up the issue of human feces on the streets of San Francisco.

Key Takeaway

The highly contentious debate between Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom on Fox News took an unexpected turn when DeSantis used a photo of San Francisco’s streets covered in human waste to criticize Newsom’s leadership. The debate covered a range of issues but was marked by heated exchanges and personal jabs. Despite the strong anti-Newsom slant of the questioning, he deserves credit for stepping into the Republican-dominated arena.

DeSantis, a potential Republican presidential candidate for 2024, shocked the audience by holding up a photo of the excrement-ridden streets of San Francisco. He argued that the presence of human waste on the sidewalks has become an unfortunate reality in the city, highlighting the fact that Newsom only took action to clean up the streets when Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited.

Newsom appeared flustered by the unexpected focus on poop, nervously dismissing DeSantis’ claims as nonsense. However, the debate quickly moved on to other tense moments, including DeSantis accusing his Democratic counterpart of running a shadow campaign for the presidency.

Newsom refused to take the bait, throwing his support behind current President and potential 2024 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden. He emphasized Biden’s record of creating “fourteen million jobs, 10 times more than the last three Republican presidents combined.”

The debate intensified further when DeSantis criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the US-Mexico border crisis, accusing Democrats of misleading the public about the issue while waves of undocumented migrants enter the country.

Newsom fired back, accusing DeSantis of busing migrants from the Texas border to Martha’s Vineyard in an attempt to out-Trump Trump. He also took the opportunity to mock DeSantis’ poll numbers, reminding him that he was trailing by 41 points in his own state.

The debate continued to escalate as DeSantis stumbled over the name of Vice President Kamala Harris. Newsom quickly corrected him and reprimanded him, saying, “Shame on you. It’s Madame Vice President to you.”

Throughout the debate, both governors sparred over key issues such as crime, taxes, abortion, environmental protections, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The exchange was passionate and full of tension, but no clear winner emerged.