Charlie Ward Calls For Full Access To CFP Committee Meetings Amidst FSU Controversy


Seminoles legend Charlie Ward is advocating for full transparency in the College Football Playoff (CFP) committee meetings, following what he believes was a snub of Florida State University (FSU) in the selection process. Ward, a former Heisman Trophy winner and NBA player, suggests that open-door meetings would help address the backlash resulting from the committee’s decision to choose 12-1 Alabama over undefeated 13-0 FSU.

Key Takeaway

Charlie Ward, a Seminoles legend and former Heisman Trophy winner, is calling for full access to College Football Playoff committee meetings to address the controversy surrounding FSU’s exclusion. He seeks transparency to ensure a fairer selection process.

Transparency for a Fairer Process

Ward expressed his desire for full access to the committee’s conversations, stating that open meetings would allow the public to understand the decision-making process. Drawing from his experience on the Florida High School Athletic Association, where open-door meetings helped alleviate outrage, Ward seeks to have similar transparency in the CFP.

According to Ward, “A lot of our meetings are online to where people can weigh in and see what the conversations are. I would like to see us open up that process so that we can hear these conversations and weigh in on the process.”

Support from Florida Senator Rick Scott

Charlie Ward is not alone in his call for change. Florida Senator Rick Scott recently wrote a letter to the committee, demanding answers regarding FSU’s exclusion from this year’s national championship race. Scott criticized the CFP’s “unprecedented exclusion” and urged the committee to provide clarifications.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Joins the Controversy

Adding to the growing uproar, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pledged $1 million towards a potential lawsuit against the CFP following FSU’s snub. DeSantis expressed his support for FSU and his concern over the fairness of the selection process.

As the debate over the CFP’s decision continues, Ward’s push for transparency in committee meetings reflects the desire for a more inclusive and accountable process. With the support of Florida Senator Rick Scott and Governor Ron DeSantis, the scrutiny surrounding FSU’s omission from the national championship race only escalates.