FSU Legend LeRoy Butler Argues For Seminoles’ Departure From ACC Following CFP Snub


LeRoy Butler, a former star player for Florida State University (FSU), believes that the Seminoles should part ways with the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) following their exclusion from the College Football Playoff (CFP). Butler, who played for FSU from 1987 to 1989, attributes the snub to the perceived weakness of the ACC.

Key Takeaway

LeRoy Butler, an FSU legend, believes that the Seminoles’ exclusion from the CFP is an indication that they should leave the ACC in order to improve their chances of competing for a national championship.

Expressing his frustration over the committee’s decision to leave out the undefeated FSU team, Butler suggests that a change in conference affiliation is necessary for the Seminoles to have a better chance at winning a national championship. He argues that the committee does not view the ACC as a strong conference, leading to their bias against FSU.

Despite completing a perfect 13-0 season, FSU was overlooked in favor of a one-loss Alabama team. Butler, echoing the sentiments of many FSU supporters, feels that the committee unjustly “robbed” his former team of a spot in the playoffs.

Butler’s comments about FSU’s need to change conferences have garnered support from others who share his viewpoint. He claims that he has received numerous calls from people urging FSU to distance itself from the ACC, emphasizing the importance of football and the revenues it generates compared to basketball.

Although Butler does not explicitly mention his preferred destination for FSU, it is evident that he believes joining the Southeastern Conference (SEC) would be beneficial. He highlights the influence of the SEC, asserting that the committee favors one-loss teams from that conference over undefeated teams like FSU.

Regardless of their conference affiliation, Butler remains firm in his belief that FSU should have secured a spot in the final four. Taking a critical stance towards the CFP, he dubs the playoffs as the “Certified Fraud Playoffs.”