Robin Williams’ Genie Voice Featured In “Once Upon A Studio” Short Film


During the short film, the Genie made a memorable cameo appearance. He was shown popping off a page that Olaf from “Frozen” was working on, causing the snowman to come crashing to the ground. In response, the Genie quipped, “I haven’t seen a fall like that since Rome,” followed by a reassuring “Much better” when Olaf recomposes himself. While it was only a couple of lines, some fans became concerned that Disney had used artificial intelligence to recreate Robin Williams’ distinctive voice.

Key Takeaway

Disney featured the voice of Robin Williams as the Genie from “Aladdin” in the “Once Upon a Studio” short film, reassuring fans that no artificial intelligence was used to recreate his iconic character. The producers and directors obtained official permission from Williams’ estate and carefully selected previously unreleased outtakes from the original recording sessions to pay homage to the late actor.

The creative team behind the film, including original Genie animator Eric Goldberg, listened to previously unreleased outtakes from the original recording sessions to find the perfect lines for the Genie’s appearance in “Once Upon a Studio.” They collaborated closely with Williams’ estate to ensure that the use of his voice in the film was respectful and true to his legacy.