Lisa Jakub Expresses Excitement For Potential Mrs. Doubtfire Documentary


After 30 years since the release of the beloved film, Mrs. Doubtfire, one of its stars, Lisa Jakub, reveals her enthusiasm for the possibility of a documentary showcasing the making of the iconic movie. Lisa, who portrayed Lydia, the eldest of the Hillard children, alongside the late Robin Williams, who played the eccentric British nanny, is eager to share her experiences on set and contribute to the nostalgic joy of fans.

Key Takeaway

Lisa Jakub expresses her excitement and willingness to be involved in a potential documentary about the making of Mrs. Doubtfire, 30 years after the film’s release.

While Lisa has not directly heard from the film’s director, Chris Columbus, who mentioned the idea of a documentary, she discovered the news through a friend’s text. However, Lisa is thrilled at the prospect of taking a trip down memory lane, particularly because Mrs. Doubtfire holds significant meaning for many people.

If the documentary moves forward, there is a wealth of unseen footage, with nearly 2 million feet available. Lisa recalls the cameras rolling extensively due to Robin Williams’ brilliant improvisation skills, often causing laughter and making it challenging for her to keep a straight face.

In addition to reminiscing about the production, Lisa reflects on the profound life lessons she learned from Robin Williams. He encouraged her to embrace being present in the moment rather than waiting for her turn to speak. This advice has had a positive impact on her career as a certified yoga teacher and mental health advocate.

Director Chris previously mentioned that there are 972 boxes of footage yet to be explored, suggesting the documentary will showcase the “special” and “magical” way Robin approached his work. Fans of Mrs. Doubtfire can only hope that this exciting project becomes a reality and that the wigs are dusted off once again.