Rob Gronkowski To Sing National Anthem At LA Bowl


In an unexpected turn of events, former NFL star Rob Gronkowski has announced that he will be showcasing his vocal abilities at the upcoming LA Bowl. The multi-talented Gronkowski, known for his powerful presence on the football field, will take on a new role as he steps up to the microphone to belt out the national anthem before the highly anticipated game kicks off.

Key Takeaway

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski will captivate audiences with his rendition of the national anthem at the upcoming LA Bowl. Supported by the New Directions Veterans Choir, Gronkowski aims to impress despite receiving mixed reviews during a previous performance.

Accompanied by the New Directions Veterans Choir, Gronkowski hopes to deliver a memorable rendition of the beloved anthem. Drawing an interesting analogy, the ex-Patriots tight end compares himself to a quarterback, relying on the support of his offensive line, or in this case, the talented choir, to make his performance shine.

However, Gronkowski understands the importance of practice. According to his own admission, when he performed the song for the bowl game’s committee, which included his good friend Julian Edelman, the reviews were less than stellar. Undeterred, Gronkowski acknowledges the need for continued preparation to ensure a flawless performance.

While Gronkowski’s appearance and vocal prowess are sure to be a highlight of the LA Bowl, the game itself promises an array of exciting activities. Set to take place at SoFi Stadium on December 16th, the matchup between UCLA and Boise State will feature fan favorites, including a lively dance cam and even a specially crafted Gronk-themed drink.

Curiously, Gronkowski has assumed the role of the game’s host. His connection to the LA Bowl stems from his college years as a student-athlete at the University of Arizona, where his final game coincided with the then Las Vegas Bowl, now known as the LA Bowl. Taking over from Jimmy Kimmel, Gronkowski is excited to be in such a prominent position for this historical event.

Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 PM PT, and anticipation is running high. Football enthusiasts and fans of Gronkowski alike are eagerly awaiting this unique performance, which is set to add a touch of star power and excitement to an already thrilling college football matchup. Let the countdown begin!