Rick Ross: Dinner With Jay-Z Made Him Millions And Helped His Rap Career


Rick Ross, the renowned rapper and founder of MMG, is challenging Jay-Z’s recent statement that a half a million dollars is worth more than a dinner with him. Ross claims that his personal experience with Jay-Z proves otherwise, revealing that the dinner he had with the rap mogul actually led to him earning millions of dollars.

Key Takeaway

Rick Ross asserts that his dinner meeting with Jay-Z not only made him millions of dollars but also contributed significantly to his career in the rap industry. Ross encourages up-and-coming artists to prioritize mentorship and guidance from established icons rather than immediate financial gain.

An Unconventional Business Meeting

Before the release of his highly anticipated “Trilla” album in 2008, Rick Ross had the opportunity to have dinner with Jay-Z at the esteemed Philippe Chow restaurant in New York City. During their meal, the Roc Nation boss gave Ross invaluable advice on how to approach his songwriting process. Instead of simply rapping over beats he liked, Jay-Z encouraged Ross to write songs that would have a lasting impact on listeners.

A Career Boost

Following his dinner with Jay-Z, Rick Ross followed the mogul’s advice, and the results were remarkable. Ross cut his workload in half and focused on crafting songs with intention and purpose. As a result, his stock rose significantly in the rap industry. Moreover, Jay-Z himself hopped on Ross’s “Trilla” album, collaborating on the famous “Maybach Music” series. This partnership catapulted Ross’s career to a whole new level.

The Power of Mentorship

Rick Ross acknowledges that he already had a certain level of talent before his dinner with Jay-Z. However, he firmly believes that the mentorship and guidance he received from the rap icon played a crucial role in his success. Ross argues that aspiring artists with genuine potential should seriously consider the opportunity to learn from someone like Jay-Z rather than opting for the monetary compensation.

Ultimately, Rick Ross’s personal experience contradicts Jay-Z’s assertion that money is more valuable than a dinner with him. The rapper’s success story serves as inspiration for aspiring artists who are eager to achieve long-term success in the competitive music industry. Ross’s advice to aspiring talents is clear: if the opportunity to collaborate with someone of Jay-Z’s caliber arises, seize it and embrace the priceless knowledge and expertise they can offer.