New Collaboration: Shaquille O’Neal And Damian Lillard Join Meek Mill And Rick Ross On Rap Remix


Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard have teamed up with Meek Mill and Rick Ross for a new rap remix that has fans buzzing. The remix, titled “SHAQ & KOBE,” dropped on Friday and features verses from the basketball superstars.

Key Takeaway

Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard have collaborated with Meek Mill and Rick Ross on a rap remix titled “SHAQ & KOBE.” The track showcases the basketball superstars’ lyrical skills and love for the game.

Shaq and Dame Deliver Stellar Verses

Damian Lillard, also known as Dame D.O.L.L.A, kicks off the track with his impressive lyrical skills. The Portland Trail Blazers’ guard incorporates basketball references throughout his verse, showcasing his love for the game. With lines like “I’m shot callin’, not stallin’, and not hoggin’/Pass the ball, we runnin’ it up and we not joggin’,” Lillard proves he’s got skills both on and off the court.

Shaquille O’Neal, no stranger to the music industry, follows up with his own set of bars. The NBA legend references his storied career and pays homage to fellow basketball icons. With lines like “Foreign ’round, flyin’ spurs like when I bullied Duncan” and “Did a song with Biggie, it was all a dream, so was ballin’ ’til I made it, now we own a team,” Shaq effortlessly combines his love for basketball and music.

A Tribute to Kobe Bryant

As the rap remix nears its end, Shaq pays tribute to his former teammate and friend, Kobe Bryant. With the line, “I’ma bring the drama ’til I’m with the Mamba,” O’Neal reminds listeners of the enduring bond between the two basketball icons.

A Surprise on “Inside the NBA”

To celebrate the release of the remix, Meek Mill and Rick Ross made a surprise appearance on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” show. During the segment, they presented Shaq with a Maybach Music Group chain, leaving the basketball legend visibly moved by the gesture.