Remembering Roger Sterling From Mad Men: John Slattery Then And Now


American actor John Slattery first captured the hearts of audiences when he took on the role of Roger Sterling in the hit drama series “Mad Men” in 2007. At 44 years old, Slattery brought the character of Roger Sterling to life, portraying the suave advertising executive known for his love of a stiff drink and his womanizing ways.

Key Takeaway

John Slattery gained recognition for his role as Roger Sterling in “Mad Men” and has continued to showcase his talent in various other film and television projects.

The Cast of Mad Men

“Mad Men” featured a stellar cast, including Jon Hamm as the charming creative director, Don Draper, January Jones as the elegant yet troubled stay-at-home mom, Betty Draper, and Elisabeth Moss as the intelligent and ambitious secretary, Peggy Olson.

Life Beyond Mad Men

While “Mad Men” catapulted Slattery to fame, he has also taken on notable roles in other productions such as “Spotlight”, “Iron Man 2”, and “Captain America: Civil War”.