Protester Delays Coco Gauff’s US Open Match After Gluing Feet To Floor


A protester caused a major disruption at the US Open on Thursday night, as he glued his bare feet to the concrete stands. This unexpected incident led to a significant delay in the semifinal match between Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

Key Takeaway

A protester caused a significant delay in the Coco Gauff vs. Karolina Muchova match at the US Open by gluing his feet to the concrete stands. Despite the disruption, Gauff maintained her composure and advanced to the tournament’s final.

The Protest

The disturbance began just minutes into Gauff’s match when a group of four environmental activists wearing t-shirts with the words “End Fossil Fuels” printed on them started chanting, drawing attention from the crowd and authorities. While three of the protesters were quickly taken into custody, the fourth posed a unique challenge as he had glued his feet to the floor.

The Removal Process

Resolving this unusual situation required approximately 49 minutes of careful attention from officials. They diligently worked to remove the protester from the floor, eventually succeeding in extricating him and allowing the match to resume.

Coco Gauff Prevails

Despite the unexpected delay caused by the protester, Coco Gauff managed to remain focused and performed admirably in the match against Karolina Muchova. Gauff emerged victorious, advancing to the final of the tournament. On Saturday, she will face Aryna Sabalenka for the championship.

Protests in the World of Tennis

This protest at the US Open follows a string of disruptions seen in the world of professional tennis this year. In July, several individuals rushed the court at Wimbledon, hurling confetti and temporarily suspending play.

In the case of the US Open protestors, their grievances were directed towards certain event sponsors whom they claimed contributed to global warming, highlighting their concerns about the global climate crisis.