Princess Diana’s Iconic Sheep Sweater Fetches Record $1.1 Million At Auction


Princess Diana’s fashion continues to captivate the world even decades after her passing. In a historic moment, her famed sheep sweater has been sold for an astonishing $1.1 million, breaking records as the most expensive sweater ever sold.

Key Takeaway

Princess Diana’s historic sheep sweater has sold for a staggering

.1 million, setting a new record as the most expensive sweater ever sold. The auction not only showcased the enduring popularity of Princess Diana’s fashion choices but also highlighted the immense influence she had on the brands she wore.

A Fierce Bidding War Unfolds at Sotheby’s Fashion Icon Auction

The iconic red and white sheep sweater garnered immense attention at Sotheby’s Fashion Icon auction, sparking a fierce bidding war that lasted a thrilling 15 minutes. The bidding war saw a remarkable 44 bids, driving the price of the sweater from an initial $190,000 to an astounding $1,143,000.

The Sweater that Catapulted a Brand to Stardom

The significance of this sweater lies not just in its association with Princess Diana, but also in the impact it had on the brand behind it. Princess Diana first wore this unique garment in 1981, immediately catapulting the British brand Warm & Wonderful to global fame when she graced the front page of a newspaper wearing it.

For years, the iconic sheep sweater remained hidden in the archives of Warm & Wonderful until co-founder Joanna Osborne stumbled upon it this March while searching for a different pattern. Recognizing its historical and cultural significance, Osborne made the decision to auction it off, generating immense anticipation and excitement among collectors and Diana enthusiasts.

A Prize Package for the Winning Bidder

The lucky winner of the bidding war will not only own Princess Diana’s treasured sheep sweater but will also receive two letters from Buckingham Palace. These letters were sent to Joanna Osborne in 1981 by the Princess’ press secretary, further emphasizing the exceptional nature of this auction item.

Shattering Previous Records

This sale of Princess Diana’s sheep sweater now holds the title for the most expensive item of clothing ever sold that belonged to her. It significantly surpasses the previous record set by a velvet ballgown worn by Princess Diana for a royal portrait, which sold earlier this year for $604,800.