President Biden Jokes About Taylor Swift’s “Classified” Endorsement On Seth Meyers Show


President Joe Biden made an appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and engaged in some lighthearted banter about the possibility of receiving an endorsement from pop superstar Taylor Swift. The 46th U.S. President, accompanied by comedian Amy Poehler, discussed a wide range of political topics during the interview.

Key Takeaway

President Biden shared a lighthearted moment on “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” joking about Taylor Swift’s endorsement being “classified” and adding a touch of humor to the political discussion.

Biden’s Playful Banter

During the show, Seth Meyers mentioned that a portion of the American population believes in a conspiracy involving Biden and Taylor Swift collaborating to secure his re-election in 2024. Meyers then brought up a social media post by Biden, prompting him to confirm or deny the alleged partnership with Swift. In response, Biden humorously stated, “Where are you getting this information? It’s classified. But I will tell you she did endorse me in 2020.”

Keeping it Light

When asked whether Swift would support him in the future, Biden continued the playful exchange by repeating, “I told you. It’s classified.” The light-hearted moment provided a glimpse of the President’s sense of humor and his ability to engage in jovial conversations amidst the serious nature of his political responsibilities.