Playboi Carti Surprises Ice Spice With Unique Pendant


Ice Spice made headlines after her Super Bowl appearance sparked controversy over a pendant she wore, which some interpreted as a symbol of evil. The pendant, gifted to her by Playboi Carti, caused quite a stir despite the rapper’s innocent intentions.

Key Takeaway

Ice Spice’s Super Bowl pendant, initially misconstrued as a symbol of evil, is actually a unique and exquisite piece of jewelry gifted to her by Playboi Carti, with no connections to the occult.

Unintended Controversy

During the Super Bowl broadcast, attention was drawn to the necklace Ice Spice wore, which appeared to feature an upside-down cross. This led to accusations of demonic symbolism and devil worship, especially when combined with certain hand gestures she made during the event.

The Truth Behind the Pendant

Contrary to the assumptions, sources close to the situation revealed that the pendant was designed by celebrity jeweler Alex Moss and is simply a stunning piece of jewelry with no sinister connotations. The pendant, made from black gold and adorned with baby pink sapphires, is part of an upcoming collection by Alex Moss, making Ice Spice the first star to possess such a unique piece. Playboi Carti was the one who presented her with this exceptional gift.

Dispelling Misconceptions

Despite Playboi Carti’s known affinity for gothic and vampire aesthetics, sources emphasized that there was no satanic inspiration behind the pendant’s design. While it remains to be seen whether the public will fully accept this explanation, it is evident that the pendant is a rare and aesthetically appealing accessory.