Playboi Carti Arrested For Speeding And Carrying Gun: Details Revealed


Playboi Carti, the popular rapper, was caught driving at an alarming speed of over 133 miles per hour on Atlanta’s I-75/85 Southbound Expressway in September 2022. The body cam footage of his arrest has recently surfaced online, revealing the details of the incident.

Key Takeaway

Playboi Carti was arrested for driving over 133 miles per hour and was found with a Glock handgun in his car, but he managed to emerge from the incident without any charges.

Multiple Violations and Gun Possession

Carti was not only speeding recklessly but was also found to be in possession of a Glock handgun with an extended magazine, although no round was chambered. Despite his explanation of rushing to the airport due to an emergency, the officer rightfully arrested him for endangering himself and others on the road. The firearm, registered to Carti and with no indications of prior felonies, was later handed over to his uncle at Carti’s request.

Legal Consequences and Clean Slate

Although the incident may have seemed serious, Carti emerged from it without any charges or blemishes on his record. This is in contrast to a subsequent arrest in December, showing that the rapper has had his share of legal entanglements in recent times.