Pistons Coach Monty Williams Criticizes Referees After Controversial No-Call In Loss To Knicks


Monty Williams, the head coach of the Detroit Pistons, expressed his frustration with the officiating in the NBA after a controversial no-call in the final seconds of their game against the New York Knicks. The Pistons suffered their 49th loss of the season, and Williams did not hold back in his criticism of the referees.

Key Takeaway

Monty Williams, the Pistons’ head coach, expressed his frustration with the referees after a controversial no-call in the game against the Knicks, highlighting the ongoing challenges with officiating in the NBA.

Williams’ Outburst

Following the game at Madison Square Garden, Williams addressed the media and called the crucial no-call “the absolute worst call of the season.” He was visibly upset and left the post-game press conference, declaring, “Enough’s enough!”

The incident in question occurred late in the 4th quarter, with the Pistons holding a slim lead. A contentious play involving Donte DiVincenzo and Ausar Thompson led to a turnover, which ultimately resulted in the Knicks securing the victory.

Controversial Sequence

With less than 10 seconds remaining, DiVincenzo attempted to regain possession but collided with Thompson, causing a turnover. Despite what appeared to be a clear foul, no whistle was blown. The Knicks capitalized on the turnover and secured the win, leaving the Pistons and Williams frustrated with the officiating.

Referees’ Admission

Interestingly, the crew chief, James Wiliams, acknowledged the officiating error and admitted that a foul should have been called on DiVincenzo. However, the admission came after the game had concluded, offering little consolation to the Pistons and their coach.