Pharrell Faces Backlash For Debuting $1 Million Croc Handbag As PETA Accuses LVMH Of Animal Cruelty


Pharrell Faces Criticism for Million Dollar Crocodile-Skin Handbag

Pharrell Williams, the renowned musician and Louis Vuitton’s creative director, has recently unveiled a luxurious crocodile-skin handbag with a jaw-dropping price tag of $1 million. While some may consider it a symbol of high fashion, animal rights organization PETA has strongly condemned the use of exotic animal skins, labeling it as a gruesome display of cruelty.

Key Takeaway

PETA criticizes Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton for the use of crocodile skins in the creation of a

million handbag. The animal rights organization highlights the alleged animal cruelty involved in obtaining these skins and urges the fashion industry to embrace more ethical alternatives.

PETA’s Strong Message to Pharrell

In an open letter addressed to Pharrell, Lisa Lange, PETA’s Senior VP, expressed her disappointment in his choice of materials. She urged him to consider using vegan fabrics, which align with the values of today’s ethical and environmentally conscious consumers. The letter emphasizes that the use of animal skins in fashion is not beautiful but rather an act of abuse.

Allegations of Animal Cruelty

Lange also accused Pharrell of turning a blind eye to the brutal practices involved in obtaining crocodile skins. Referring to a PETA Asia investigation, she described workers at Louis Vuitton’s suppliers who were reportedly involved in cutting the necks of live crocodiles and inserting metal rods into their spines while they were still conscious. Another investigation revealed similar cruel practices involving pythons. The allegations highlight the inhumane treatment of animals for the sake of luxury fashion.

PETA Pushes for Awareness through Firsthand Experience

Lange challenged Pharrell to visit a crocodile factory farm to witness firsthand the conditions under which bags like the Millionaire Speedy are made. She warned that it would not be a pleasant trip, describing the fetid, waste-filled waters and complete absence of sunlight. By inviting Pharrell to experience the reality of the industry, PETA aims to raise awareness about the destructive consequences of killing wildlife for fashion accessories.

Pharrell’s Response

As of now, Pharrell has not publicly responded to the backlash from PETA or any other critics.