Panic Erupts At AMC Theater During Fire Alarm Incident, Scorsese Present For ‘KOTFM’


An unexpected fire alarm at the AMC Theater in L.A. created chaos and panic amongst moviegoers over the weekend. The incident, which disrupted screenings and caused confusion, even had famous director Martin Scorsese in attendance.

Key Takeaway

An unexpected fire alarm at an AMC Theater in L.A. caused panic among moviegoers, leading to disrupted screenings and chaotic scenes. Even Martin Scorsese, who was attending a screening of his own film, experienced the interruption. The incident highlights the importance of clear communication and preparedness in emergency situations.

Alarm Triggers Pandemonium

The mayhem unfolded on Saturday night at the AMC Century City location, with eyewitnesses recounting how all screenings around 7 PM PT were abruptly interrupted by a blaring fire alarm. The reason behind the alarm remains unknown.

Unfortunately, the theater staff provided little guidance, leaving patrons to fend for themselves. With no official information forthcoming, some individuals began to fear the worst and suspected an active shooter situation. As a result, the atmosphere quickly turned chaotic.

Uncertainty and Refunds

Confused and unsure of what to do, moviegoers congregated in the theater lobby, waiting for updates. Eventually, a long line formed as the realization set in that their movie experience had been ruined. In an attempt to rectify the situation, guest relations began issuing refunds to disappointed patrons.

According to our sources, all attendees, including those who had come for the premiere event featuring Taylor Swift, received either their money back or a movie voucher for a future visit. Despite the disorderly process, the staff honored the event for Swift’s movie.

Scorsese’s Presence

In an ironic twist, esteemed director Martin Scorsese happened to be present at the theater that night, introducing a screening of his latest film, “Killers Of the Flower Moon.” While it is unclear whether Scorsese left before the alarm sounded, eyewitnesses confirm that even his film screening was interrupted.