Nick Cannon’s Advice To Zeddy Will: “Seek Therapy” After 5 Baby Mama News


Nick Cannon, the posterchild of polygamy, has some wise words for those following in his footsteps, including Zeddy Will.

Key Takeaway

Nick Cannon advises Zeddy Will to prioritize self-care and seek therapy in light of his recent news about expecting children with multiple mothers.

Zeddy Will’s Viral News

Zeddy Will, the 21-year-old TikTok star and rapper, recently made headlines with his 5-way baby shower, where all the mothers of his children were present.

Nick Cannon’s Response

When asked about Zeddy’s situation, Nick credited for “redefining modern relationships” and highlighted the similarities with his own family tree of 12 children. However, he also advised Zeddy to prioritize self-care, suggesting that dealing with 10 different personalities (5 babies and their mothers) will require ample rest and therapy.