Nick Cannon Reveals He Spends Over $200k Annually At Disneyland To Keep His Children Happy


In a recent interview on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Nick Cannon, the multi-talented entertainer, dropped a bombshell about his extravagant spending habits at Disneyland. He disclosed that he forks out at least $200,000 each year on visits to the famous theme park to ensure his multitude of children have a great time.

Key Takeaway

Nick Cannon reveals that he spends over $200,000 annually at Disneyland to create special moments for his children despite the rising prices.

Cannon, who shares a total of 12 kids with different partners, revealed that he frequents Disneyland once a month, if not more. With an ever-growing brood, he believes in providing the best experiences for his children, even if it means spending a small fortune.

During the interview, Cannon expressed his admiration for Disneyland’s charm but noted that the cost has significantly increased over the years. This sentiment resonates with many ordinary families who have also been affected by rising admission prices. Despite this, Nick remains committed to providing a memorable and magical experience for his loved ones.

Although Cannon joked about potentially receiving an employee discount based on his frequent visits and substantial financial contributions to the park, it is unlikely that such an arrangement will be made. As Disney faces recent financial challenges, they are focused on maximizing revenue.

Fortunately, Nick Cannon’s financial situation allows him to indulge in these costly Disneyland trips along with his various other expenditures for his expanding family. Known for his strong work ethic, Cannon works hard and splurges on his loved ones.

This revelation serves as a reminder of the high costs associated with many aspects of life today, including the beloved Disneyland.