New York Fashion Week: Kendall Jenner Makes A Statement With Reversed Hair


Kendall Jenner is known for her stunning looks and fierce fashion choices. This week, she turned heads once again, but with a twist – her hair was styled in an unconventional way! Can you spot the differences in these two photos of the supermodel?

Key Takeaway

Kendall Jenner turned heads with her new hairstyle, but there’s more to her look than just that. Can you spot the three subtle differences in the two photos?

Despite the rainy weather in the Big Apple, Kendall made a bold statement with her “Bad and Bunny” look, donning a vibrant yellow trench coat paired with a sleek grey round-neck t-shirt. But there’s more to this outfit than meets the eye. Can you detect the subtle changes between the two photos?

Spot the Three Differences

  • First difference goes here.
  • Second difference goes here.
  • Third difference goes here.

Challenge yourself and see if you can find all three differences! Test your eagle eye and attention to detail, and let us know in the comments below if you managed to spot them all.