New Skims ‘Cotton Collection’ Campaign: Cardi B Takes Center Stage


Cardi B, the Diamond-selling rapper, has joined Kim Kardashian’s Skims campaign, adding a sexy boost to the billion-dollar brand’s “Cotton Collection.” In a press release on Monday, Cardi B expressed how the underwear makes her feel “snatched,” while modeling an array of new colors that highlight her curvaceous features.

Key Takeaway

Cardi B has joined Kim Kardashian’s Skims campaign to promote the “Cotton Collection.” The rapper’s involvement introduces a touch of sexiness to the brand, showcasing her confidence and curvaceous features.

A Celebrity Army

Kim Kardashian has managed to gather quite the celebrity army to wear her labels, and Cardi B is now part of the trifecta. Alongside Ice Spice and SZA, Cardi B joins a group of hip-hop stars who proudly rock Skims.

Staying on Brand

Cardi B has been actively promoting her husband Offset’s new album, and her collaboration with Skims aligns perfectly with her brand. This new venture showcases Cardi B’s ability to balance her music career with her fashion endeavors.

A Win-Win Situation

In an effort to avoid controversy, the current Skims campaign is careful to address concerns from animal rights organization PETA. This collaboration ensures that both parties can support each other without causing any tensions.