New Rumors Surrounding Halle Bailey’s Pregnancy


Halle Bailey photos in a hoodie have fueled speculation about her being pregnant. The actress, widely known for her upcoming role in Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid,’ was spotted in Santa Monica wearing loose-fitting clothing that highlighted her midsection.

Key Takeaway

Halle Bailey’s recent outing in Santa Monica wearing a hoodie has fueled pregnancy rumors. Fans speculate that her loose-fitting clothing and a bandage on her arm could be signs of an upcoming addition to her and rapper boyfriend DDG’s family. However, no official confirmation has been made yet.

Speculations and Rumors Surrounding Halle’s Pregnancy

Accompanied by her rapper boyfriend, DDG, the couple seemed happy and content during their outing, leading fans and onlookers to believe they may be expecting a child together. Halle was seen with a bandage on her arm near her elbow, which could indicate a recent blood draw. This, in turn, sparked further speculation as routine blood tests are often part of early pregnancy check-ups.

These recent sightings come after Halle’s appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards last month. While on stage presenting an award, she wore a flowing orange dress that sparked initial rumors about her pregnancy. Backstage, she reportedly greeted celebrities with handshakes instead of hugs, leading to even more speculation about her cautious behavior.

Unconfirmed Reports and Kept Secrets

Despite the mounting rumors, neither Halle Bailey nor DDG have officially confirmed the news of a pregnancy. The couple has chosen to keep their personal lives private, leaving fans eagerly anticipating an official announcement.

As fans and the media continue to watch for any updates, it remains to be confirmed whether Halle’s loose-fitting attire and other subtle clues are indeed indications of an impending addition to their family.