New Revelations: Britney Spears’ ‘Everytime’ Lyrics Not About Justin Timberlake Abortion


In a recent revelation, songwriter Annet Artani, who co-wrote the hit song “Everytime” with Britney Spears, has come forward to clarify that the lyrics are not about Justin Timberlake or her abortion. The song, which was released during a challenging time in both artists’ lives, has sparked speculation among fans about its true meaning.

Key Takeaway

Songwriter Annet Artani asserts that the lyrics of Britney Spears’ song “Everytime” were not about Justin Timberlake or her abortion. Annet clarifies that the song primarily reflects her own experiences and breakup, while serving as a platform for both artists to express their emotional pain. The misinterpreted lyric “I guess I need you, baby” is not a reference to an unborn child, but rather Annet’s personal relationship. Annet’s perspective sheds light on the true inspiration behind the song, while leaving room for speculation regarding the music video visuals.

The Inspiration Behind “Everytime”

According to Annet, the lyrics of “Everytime” primarily revolve around her own personal experiences and her breakup with Britney’s musical director. While Britney provided input on the song, it was not inspired by her pregnancy or abortion. Annet explains that during the writing process, Britney never mentioned a baby or termination, and these topics did not serve as inspiration for the track.

During their collaboration, Annet and Britney would sit at the piano together, working on the song. Both artists were going through difficult times in their personal lives, and the song served as a way for them to express their pain and share their emotions.

The Misinterpreted Lyrics

One particular lyric in “Everytime” has fueled speculation among fans. The line “I guess I need you, baby” has led some to believe that Britney was subtly referencing her abortion. However, Annet clarifies that this line was simply a reflection of her own experiences in her past relationship and is not a reference to an unborn child.

The chorus of the song, “And every time I see you in my dreams I see your face, you’re haunting me. I guess I need you, baby,” was a collaborative effort between Annet and Britney. Annet mentions that they were simply trying to find words that rhymed and evoke emotion, with “haunting” being Britney’s contribution.

Annet’s Perspective

While Annet has shed light on the true meaning behind the lyrics she co-wrote with Britney, she also acknowledges that she was not involved in the music video or the imagery of a woman giving birth, which has added another layer of speculation. Annet believes that the decision to include such visuals may correlate to a personal decision made by Britney and Justin regarding her pregnancy.

As the debate surrounding the meaning of “Everytime” continues, it is important to rely on the insights provided by those intimately involved in its creation. The song serves as a powerful reflection of both Britney Spears and Annet Artani’s personal journeys, showcasing their ability to channel emotions into a captivating musical collaboration.