New Relationship Alert: Joe Manganiello Dating Actress Caitlin O’Connor!


Joe Manganiello, known for his roles in movies like “Magic Mike” and “True Blood,” has found himself a new love interest following his divorce from actress Sofia Vergara. The actor is reportedly casually dating actress Caitlin O’Connor, whom he met last month at a screening party for the HBO show “Winning Time.”

Key Takeaway

Actor Joe Manganiello is reportedly casually dating actress Caitlin O’Connor. The two met at a screening party and have been seen spending time together since. This comes after Joe’s divorce from Sofia Vergara, with one of the reasons for the split being conflicting views on having children.

The two were seen getting cozy at the event, even jumping into the jacuzzi together, although they were not alone. The party took place at the home of the show’s executive producer, Jim Hecht, and his wife, reporter Courtney Friel, shared a group photo that included Joe and Caitlin.

Joe and Caitlin were recently spotted leaving Gold’s Gym in Venice together, suggesting that they enjoy spending time together and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. They have reportedly bonded over their shared hometowns in the greater Pittsburgh area.

This new relationship comes after Joe filed for divorce from Sofia Vergara in July, citing irreconcilable differences. One significant factor in the split was reportedly conflicting desires regarding having children.