Joe Manganiello’s Girlfriend Caitlin O’Connor Moves In With Him After Sofia Vergara Divorce


After finalizing his divorce from Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello is making headlines again, this time for a major relationship milestone with his girlfriend, Caitlin O’Connor. Sources close to the couple have revealed that Caitlin has officially moved in with the “Magic Mike” star, marking a significant step forward in their romance.

Key Takeaway

Joe Manganiello and Caitlin O’Connor have taken their relationship to the next level as Caitlin moves in with the “Magic Mike” star following his divorce from Sofia Vergara. The couple’s bond has strengthened, and they are now embracing this new chapter in their romance.

A Strong Bond and New Beginnings

According to insiders, Joe and Caitlin are deeply in love and are enjoying their time living together. The couple has reportedly bonded over their shared Pittsburgh roots, with their relationship further solidified through travels to New York City and Italy. Notably, Joe’s cherished pet dog Bubbles has given Caitlin his seal of approval, signifying an important step in their journey as a couple.

From Divorce to New Love

Joe’s relationship with Caitlin emerged in September last year, just two months after he filed for divorce from Sofia Vergara following seven years of marriage. The decision to part ways was primarily attributed to Joe’s desire to have children, which contrasted with Sofia’s reluctance. Their divorce was recently settled amicably, with both parties retaining their individual assets and waiving any right to spousal support.

Moving On

While Joe found love anew, Sofia Vergara has also moved on and is currently dating orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman. The former couple has embarked on separate paths, with Joe embracing his relationship with Caitlin, and Sofia exploring new beginnings with her partner.

Fast-Paced Romance

Joe and Caitlin’s relationship has progressed swiftly, from their initial meeting at a ‘Winning Time’ after-party to publicly debuting as a couple at NYC’s Children of Armenia Fund Gala. With Caitlin now moving in with Joe, it’s clear that their love story is reaching new heights, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for the pair.