New Halloween Horror Nights Closing Message Threatens Lingering Guests With Taylor Swift Music


A hilarious closing-time message at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights has recently surfaced, where staff members are using Taylor Swift’s music as a form of punishment for guests who stay past closing time. The amusement park, known for its terrifying haunted mazes and rides, officially closes at 2 AM, but it seems that some visitors like to linger around even after hours.

Key Takeaway

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights has added a humorous twist to their closing-time message by threatening lingering guests with Taylor Swift’s music. The use of Taylor Swift’s music as a form of punishment adds a lighthearted touch to the park’s efforts to clear out the premises after hours.

A Humorous Warning for Stragglers

In a recently shared YouTube streamer’s video, a closing-time message was heard blaring through the park’s intercom. The message was delivered in a lighthearted yet firm tone, urging guests to leave the premises. The staff member was heard saying, “The rides are closed, mazes are closed. There is no reason to stay here any longer. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. We only have 7 hours to get the park ready for tomorrow. Hit the bricks, take a hike, gather your belongings and your drunk friends and go, or we start playing Taylor Swift at full volume.”

While the message is clearly meant to be humorous, it is interesting to note that it sounds like a pre-recorded announcement rather than an employee improvising on the spot. If this is indeed the case, it adds an extra layer of amusement to the situation.

Taylor Swift’s Popularity

What makes this closing-time threat even more amusing is the fact that Taylor Swift is a highly popular artist in recent times. Many people actually enjoy her music, so instead of being seen as a punishment, some might even consider it a welcome dance party.

It is important to note that this closing-time message is purely meant for entertainment purposes and serves as a playful way to encourage guests to leave the park premises. Taylor Swift’s music, with its broad appeal, is an unexpected choice for such a situation, creating a unique and memorable experience for Halloween Horror Nights attendees.

While some may see it as a creative way to disperse the crowd, others may embrace the opportunity for an impromptu dance party before exiting the park. Regardless, this tongue-in-cheek approach showcases Universal Studios’ dedication to providing a fun and entertaining experience for their guests.