New Collaboration: Killer Mike Scores Young Nudy Feature Through Unconventional Means


It’s no secret that Young Nudy is making waves in the Atlanta rap scene. However, getting him to collaborate on a song proved to be a challenge for none other than veteran rapper and activist Killer Mike.

Key Takeaway

Killer Mike faced challenges in securing a feature from Young Nudy for their collaboration. However, he overcame this hurdle by reaching out to Young Nudy’s mother, who played a pivotal role in ensuring the song came to fruition. This heartwarming story exemplifies the power of unexpected connections and the supportive nature of the Atlanta music community.

In an interview, Killer Mike revealed that he encountered difficulties in tracking down Young Nudy for a feature on their song titled “Act Up,” which now anchors the new deluxe edition of Killer Mike’s album, “Michael.”

Mother Knows Best

With their significant age difference of 18 years, Killer Mike acknowledged that their schedules and ways of communication were vastly different. But determined to make the collaboration happen, he decided to take an unconventional approach.

After exhausting all other options, Killer Mike discovered a surprising connection. He realized that he knew Young Nudy’s mother from their school days. Eager to enlist Young Nudy’s talent, Killer Mike reached out to her.

Thanks to their shared history, Young Nudy’s mother promptly instructed her son to record the track. Not only did she lend a helping hand, but she also insisted that Killer Mike wouldn’t have to pay a dime for Young Nudy’s feature. Talk about a supportive mother!

An Unexpected Reunion

The collaboration between Killer Mike and Young Nudy resulted in the release of the song last week, becoming one of the three new additions to the “Michael (Deluxe)” album.

This heartwarming story showcases the power of unexpected connections and the lengths that artists are willing to go to bring their artistic vision to life. Killer Mike’s determination, coupled with the support of Young Nudy’s mother, serves as a testament to the vibrant and collaborative spirit of the Atlanta music scene.