New Allegations Surface In Julia Fox’s Tell-All Book About Her Relationship With Kanye West


In a shocking tell-all memoir titled “Down the Drain,” actress and influencer Julia Fox opens up about her whirlwind romance with rapper Kanye West. The book, which hit the shelves on Tuesday, delves into the details of their short-lived relationship that began in late 2021 and ended after just a couple of months.

Key Takeaway

Julia Fox’s tell-all book reveals a complex and manipulated relationship with Kanye West. She details instances of feeling used and like a prop, undermining the authenticity of their romance. The book offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes of their short-lived whirlwind affair.

A Prop for Show

According to Fox, her relationship with West was all for show. She claims that she was used as a prop by the rapper and that their romance was never genuine. Fox admits that she can now speak freely about the situation because she never signed a legal document forbidding her from discussing their relationship.

The Beginning of a Strange Journey

Julia Fox’s encounter with Kanye West started when a friend of hers passed along her number to him. She reveals that West called her numerous times, with most of their conversations being one-sided with him doing most of the talking. Eventually, he invited Fox to join him in Miami for New Year’s Eve, flying her and her friends out for a now-famous public date.

A Controversial First Meeting

During their first face-to-face meeting at a club in Miami, Julia Fox claims that Kanye West took her to a parking lot and urinated in public. She recounts having to shield and cover him from onlookers before engaging in a passionate make-out session. This incident left Fox questioning the authenticity of their relationship.

A Relationship Built on Fakery

As their relationship progressed, Fox felt increasingly like a pawn in Kanye West’s twisted game. She reveals that West asked her to showcase outfits that he had arranged and made her feel like a “show monkey.” Fox also mentions an uncomfortable incident where West offered to pay for her to have a breast augmentation surgery.

A Memorable Trip to Paris

Julia Fox and Kanye West traveled to Paris together, an experience marked by frequent arguments and tense moments. Fox recalls feeling like they were constantly being watched and criticized during their time in the fashion capital.

A Farewell Present and Staged Photos

Towards the end of their relationship, Kanye West gifted Julia Fox and her friends Birkin bags at a hotel in New York City. Fox describes these gifts as a farewell present from West. She also reveals that West made them recreate the opening sequence of the Birkin gifting video multiple times and posed for staged pictures, further adding to the sense of fakery surrounding their relationship.

The NDA and Drug Use Accusations

Despite their tumultuous connection, Julia Fox never signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that West sent her. This omission ultimately became the breaking point in their relationship. Additionally, Fox claims that West confronted her about her past drug use, which she considers a low blow.