Consequence Calls Out Kanye West For Not Acknowledging Him And Rest Of Team


Kanye West’s long-time advisor, Consequence, has publicly called for an apology from the renowned rapper. However, the demand for an apology stems from an unexpected reason.

Key Takeaway

Consequence, Kanye West’s longtime advisor, has publicly demanded an apology from the rapper for not acknowledging him and the rest of their team in light of recent developments. This call for recognition underscores the importance of acknowledging the collective support received, highlighting the impact of loyalty and solidarity in professional relationships.

Feeling Betrayed

Consequence expressed his disappointment after Kanye released his latest product, the $200 Yeezy Pods footwear. Despite showing his support for the new merchandise, Consequence accused Kanye of disregarding him and the rest of their team. This accusation has left Consequence feeling betrayed by his longtime friend and collaborator.

Allegations of Abandonment

Consequence highlighted that Kanye’s actions have placed him and other supporters, such as Don C, John Monopoly, and GLC, in an uncomfortable position. This discomfort arose when Kanye claimed to be fighting alone against certain influential groups, failing to acknowledge the collective support he has received.

Seeking Recognition

Having stood by Kanye since 2002, Consequence emphasized the significance of receiving acknowledgment for his unwavering loyalty. He stressed that if Kanye could extend an apology to the Jewish community for his recent controversial remarks, then he should also be able to apologize to him and the team.

Standing By Through Thick and Thin

Consequence’s public call for recognition comes after his involvement in handling the fallout from Kanye’s ex-publicist’s indictment in a case related to the previous U.S. presidential election. Despite the challenges, Consequence remains steadfast in his support for Kanye, showcasing unwavering loyalty in the face of adversity.