New Allegations: Emma Roberts Accused Of Transphobic Behavior On ‘AHS’ Set


Angelica Ross, the talented actress known for her role in ‘American Horror Story,’ has come forward with shocking claims of transphobic behavior directed towards her on the set of the hit series. In a recent social media post, Ross detailed an incident involving her co-star, Emma Roberts, during the filming of ‘AHS: 1984’ in 2018.

Key Takeaway

Angelica Ross, known for her role in ‘American Horror Story,’ has accused Emma Roberts of making a transphobic comment towards her on the set of ‘AHS: 1984.’ Ross chose not to report the incident out of fear of retaliation and also claimed that Roberts exhibited difficult behavior and created tension among the cast. Emma Roberts has not yet responded to these allegations.

The Allegation

According to Ross, the incident occurred while filming a scene opposite Roberts and another co-star, John Carroll Lynch. Lynch urged the “ladies” to be cordial between takes, and in a playful manner, Roberts complained that Ross was being mean. Ross asserts that Roberts then directed a transphobic comment towards her as she said, “Don’t you mean ‘lady?'” Roberts allegedly partially cloaked her face and walked away, leaving Ross feeling stunned by the exchange.

Fear of Retaliation

Ross explained why she did not report the incident at the time, citing a fear of retaliation. She claimed that someone else on set who had spoken up had faced consequences, further adding to her hesitation. As a result, Ross chose not to engage with Roberts off-camera for the remainder of the production.

More Than Just a Single Incident

Aside from the transphobic comment, Ross also accused Roberts of being difficult to work with and causing trouble among the rest of the cast. According to Ross, Roberts displayed an unpleasant attitude and tried to assert her dominance on set, which led to strained relationships with other actors.

At the time of writing, Emma Roberts and her representatives have not responded to these allegations.