Ne-Yo’s Heartwarming Gesture: Serving 200 Single Mothers And Trafficking Victims At Atlanta’s City Of Refuge


Ne-Yo, the well-known singer and philanthropist, is once again making a difference in the community. This holiday season, he dedicated his time to serve food and bring hope to the most vulnerable citizens of Atlanta. Ne-Yo spent the day at City of Refuge Atlanta, where he was seen lending a helping hand to approximately 150 to 200 people.

Key Takeaway

Ne-Yo spends his holiday season making a difference in the lives of vulnerable citizens. By serving food and offering support at City of Refuge Atlanta, he brings hope and inspiration to those in need. This act of philanthropy not only benefits the community but also teaches his own children the importance of compassion and giving back.

Serving Those In Need

The City of Refuge Atlanta is a refuge for those who find themselves homeless, victims of sex trafficking, and single mothers with children in need of a fresh start. As part of their mission, they provide shelter, wellness programs, employment services, and even gym amenities. Ne-Yo’s presence not only provided a warm Thanksgiving meal but also gave hope and inspiration to those who came seeking support.

According to reports, Ne-Yo went above and beyond by donating a variety of desserts to sweeten the pot for Thanksgiving. As heartwarming as it is, the superstar singer made sure to involve his own children in the act of giving back. Four of his children joined him in handing out the desserts, teaching them the importance of philanthropy and compassion.

A Strong Commitment to Co-Parenting

This act of kindness demonstrates Ne-Yo’s commitment not only to the community but also to his family. Earlier this year, it was reported that Ne-Yo and his exes have made great efforts to shield their children from any conflicts or disputes. This commitment to co-parenting allows for family outings like this one, creating special moments where they can all teach their kids the significance of giving back.