MMA’s Mike Jackson Vows To Leave Pat Miletich On A Stretcher In Upcoming Fight


Former friends turned bitter rivals, Pat Miletich and Mike Jackson, are set to face off in an intense MMA cage match. The highly anticipated fight is scheduled to take place on October 14 at Caged Aggression 36 in Davenport, Iowa. Both fighters are determined to cause serious harm to each other in the ring.

Key Takeaway

The upcoming MMA fight between Mike Jackson and Pat Miletich is not just a clash of physicality but also a manifestation of their personal differences and grievances. Both fighters are determined to inflict serious harm on their opponent, with Jackson specifically aiming to leave Miletich on a stretcher. The intense animosity and the significance this fight holds for each fighter make it highly anticipated among MMA enthusiasts.

Miletich’s Motivation

At 55 years old, Pat Miletich is a UFC Hall of Famer who hasn’t competed in nearly 15 years. However, the clash between Miletich and Jackson goes beyond the typical motivations for a fight. Their differences in life and politics have fueled the intensity of this rivalry, pushing Miletich to accept the challenge.

In Miletich’s own words, “We have a severe problem, and there must be consequences for that. Do I harbor hatred towards Mike Jackson? No. Will I go as far as snapping his arm off? It depends on my mood.”

Miletich believes that he can take down Jackson at will and has expressed the option of showing compassion by choking him out quickly if he chooses to do so.

Jackson’s Objective

Mike Jackson, 38, gained recognition in 2018 when he defeated professional wrestler turned fighter CM Punk (though it was later overturned due to a failed drug test). Now, Jackson’s sole objective in this upcoming fight is to see Miletich carried out on a stretcher, regardless of whether he is conscious or not.

Speaking about his goal, Jackson stated, “I don’t want him to walk out on his own. That is my ultimate objective.”

Furthermore, Jackson shed light on the origins of their conflict, which revolves around the events of January 6 at the Capitol. It is evident that there are deep-rooted issues between the two fighters that have fueled their animosity.

The Personal Significance

For Jackson, this fight holds greater importance than his previous bout with CM Punk, which brought him recognition among casual fans. Given the current social climate and Jackson’s personal life circumstances, he believes that this fight carries much more significance.

Jackson emphasized, “Considering where I am in my life and what I am fighting for, this fight means way more to me. It’s not just about stepping into the ring; it represents a larger cause.”