Miami Beach Launches Strict Campaign To Deter Spring Breakers


Miami Beach has taken a firm stand against the rowdy behavior of spring breakers, launching a new campaign to enforce strict measures and maintain peace in the city. The campaign aims to deter out-of-town visitors from causing chaos during the upcoming spring break period.

Key Takeaway

Miami Beach has launched a strict campaign to deter disruptive spring breakers, introducing new measures and restrictions to maintain peace and order in the city.

City’s Official Campaign

The city has released an official campaign video, humorously themed around “breaking up” with unruly spring breakers. The video serves as a lighthearted yet clear message to discourage disruptive behavior during the spring break season.

New Restrictions and Measures

To address the issues caused by previous spring break activities, Miami Beach has implemented new restrictions and measures. These include curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, and strict enforcement against drug possession and violence. Additionally, the city has imposed a substantial $100 parking fee and will enforce the closure of parking garages in South Beach during specific dates in March.

City’s Response

City officials have emphasized that the decision to implement these stringent measures stems from the need to restore order and ensure the safety and well-being of local residents. The move comes in response to the escalating incidents of violence, arrests, and traffic violations during previous spring break seasons.