Metta World Peace Supports Lakers’ Decision To Honor In-Season Tournament Win With Banner


Metta World Peace is backing the Los Angeles Lakers’ decision to honor their In-Season Tournament victory with a banner, asserting that the achievement gives the team bragging rights over the Boston Celtics. The Purple and Gold plan to hang a memento in the rafters of the Arena to commemorate their recent title, despite the tournament’s perceived lack of significance compared to winning the Finals.

Key Takeaway

Metta World Peace supports the Lakers’ decision to commemorate their In-Season Tournament win with a banner, asserting that it gives the team bragging rights over their rivals.

Metta’s Approval

When asked about the move, Metta, a 2010 NBA champion, expressed his enthusiasm for the decision, emphasizing the importance of being the first-ever In-Season Tournament MVP for LeBron James’ legacy. He commended LeBron’s sustained dominance at 38 years old, predicting that the basketball icon could potentially play for at least 25 seasons, a feat that could secure him a place on the quarter, alongside George Washington.

Lakers’ Bragging Rights

Metta believes that the banner will allow Lakers fans to proudly assert their team’s status as the first franchise to raise an 18th banner, enabling them to taunt their rivals.