Lakers In-Season Tournament Banner Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Fans And Celebrities


The Los Angeles Lakers have officially raised a banner at Arena to commemorate their In-Season Tournament Championship. However, the move has garnered mixed reviews from fans and celebrities alike.

Key Takeaway

The Lakers’ decision to raise a banner for their In-Season Tournament Championship has sparked a range of reactions from fans and celebrities, with some expressing support and others showing indifference or disappointment. The lukewarm response from the crowd and the team’s subsequent loss to the Knicks have added to the mixed reception of the banner.

Underwhelming Fan Response

During the pregame banner-raising ceremony prior to the Lakers’ match against the Knicks, the crowd’s reaction was lukewarm at best. Despite the team’s rich history of winning seventeen world championships, the applause was minimal, and even star player LeBron James and his teammates appeared less than enthusiastic about the festivities.

Celebrity Opinions

While some, like Metta World Peace, expressed support for the decision to display the banner, others, including celebrities like Timothee Chalamet, seemed indifferent. A-listers such as Kevin Bacon, Dustin Hoffman, and Mookie Betts were also in attendance, although their stance on the matter remains unclear.

Game Outcome

Despite the banner-raising ceremony, the Lakers were unable to secure a victory on the court, ultimately losing to the Knicks with a final score of 114-109.