Matisyahu Concerts Canceled Due To Alleged Political Motivations


Two recent concerts featuring the renowned singer-songwriter Matisyahu were abruptly canceled, and the artist suspects that the cancellations may have been politically motivated. The unexpected turn of events has left fans and the artist himself puzzled and disappointed.

Key Takeaway

Matisyahu’s concerts in New Mexico and Arizona were canceled, and the artist suspects that the reasons behind the cancellations may be politically motivated, possibly due to workers’ opposition to his support for Israel.

Security Threats and Worker Boycotts

Matisyahu’s sold-out show in New Mexico was called off just hours before it was scheduled to commence, with the organizers citing security threats as the reason for the cancellation. However, the artist was informed by a fan that the real cause might have been related to workers boycotting the event due to their political stance on Israel. Similarly, his upcoming show in Tucson, Arizona, is also facing cancellation due to alleged employee boycotts.

Speculations and Standpoints

Matisyahu suspects that the cancellations may have been influenced by workers who opposed his views on Israel, as indicated by their social media posts. Despite his vocal support for Israel, the artist emphasizes that he does not inject his political beliefs into his performances, except for occasional statements against Hamas.

Resilience and Willingness to Perform

Despite the setbacks, Matisyahu remains undeterred and expresses his willingness to perform at any venue that welcomes him. He is resolute in continuing his musical endeavors, even suggesting the possibility of staging a show at a fraternity house in Tucson.