Maine Shooting Suspect Robert Card May Have Targeted Ex-Girlfriend


Authorities believe that the recent mass shooting in Maine, allegedly carried out by Robert Card, may have been motivated by his targetting of his ex-girlfriend. Card, a U.S. Army Reservist, specifically chose two locations in Maine, a bowling alley and a bar and grill in Lewiston, where he carried out his brutal attacks with an AR-style rifle.

Key Takeaway

Authorities suspect that the Maine mass shooting suspect, Robert Card, was motivated by a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend. Card’s personal history, including his divorce and mental health struggles, may provide insights into his state of mind leading up to the tragic incident.

According to reports, Card used to frequent these establishments with his former lover, which has led investigators to suspect that the shootings were triggered by a domestic dispute. Card’s sister also supports this theory, and his family has been cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Robert Card’s personal life has seen its fair share of turmoil. He was previously married but got divorced in 2007, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce order included shared custody of their son, who primarily lived with the mother.

Prior to embarking on his alleged killing spree, Card wrote a suicide note addressed to his son, leaving it behind at his home in Bowdoin. The note, described as rambling, contained personal information and bank account details.

Online, Card reportedly engaged with conspiratorial content, delving into various topics such as COVID-19, LGBTQ+ issues, gun rights, and political commentary about President Joe Biden. His online activity is being scrutinized to gain insight into his mindset leading up to the shootings.

Following the incident, Card fled the scene in a white Subaru, later abandoned and recovered by the police in Lisbon, ME. Despite intense efforts by hundreds of officers, Card remains at large, with speculation that his skills as an outdoorsman have aided his ability to evade capture.

Due to Card’s military background and the fact that he is considered armed and dangerous, authorities have instructed residents in several towns to shelter in place. In 2002, Card enlisted in the Army Reserve as a petroleum supply specialist, responsible for handling petroleum-based products.

In recent months, Card had been grappling with mental health issues, including “hearing voices.” He was previously committed to a mental institution for two weeks after threatening to carry out a shooting at a military base in Saco, ME.