Madonna Reveals She Was In Induced Coma For 48 Hours During Hospitalization


Madonna shocked her fans during a recent show in Brooklyn when she disclosed that she had been in a deep, induced coma for 48 hours during her hospitalization earlier this year. She expressed gratitude for being alive and shared insight into her experience during this state.

Key Takeaway

Madonna revealed during a concert that she was in an induced coma for 48 hours during her hospitalization earlier this year, expressing gratitude for her survival and sharing insights into her experience.

Details of Madonna’s Revelation

During her concert, Madonna revealed that she was induced into a coma after collapsing on the bathroom floor, emphasizing how fortunate she felt to have survived the ordeal. She credited her friend, Shavawn, for promptly getting her to the emergency room and thanked her publicly during the show. Madonna also acknowledged the presence of her Kabbalah teacher, whom she recalled hearing while in the comatose state.

Madonna also mentioned that one of the first things she saw upon regaining consciousness was her six children gathered around her hospital bed, expressing humor and gratitude for their presence.

Madonna’s Health Journey

Madonna has been candid about her health scare, which led to a pause in her tour earlier this year. She had suffered from a serious bacterial infection, which took a toll on her well-being. Despite still not being at full strength, Madonna resumed her tour in October, showcasing her resilience and determination.

Resilience and Recovery

Despite the challenges she faced, Madonna’s return to the stage demonstrates her strength and determination. Her ability to continue her demanding tour after such a health scare is a testament to her resilience. Fans are relieved to see her back in the spotlight, doing what she loves.