Derek Hough’s Wife Faces Challenging Road To Recovery After Brain Surgery, Says The “Dancing With The Stars” Judge


In a recent Instagram update, renowned “Dancing with the Stars” judge, Derek Hough, shared the challenging journey his wife, Hayley, is currently facing following her brain surgery. Derek acknowledged that Hayley’s recovery will be a long process, and it will take time for her to fully regain her strength and feel back to normal.

Key Takeaway

Derek Hough’s wife, Hayley, faces a challenging road to recovery after undergoing brain surgery due to a cranial hematoma. Derek’s Instagram update highlighted Hayley’s resilience and the overwhelming support they have received from their fans. The couple hopes to pay forward the kindness they have experienced during this ordeal.

A Medical Crisis Revealed

Derek informed his fans that Hayley had recently undergone emergency surgery due to a cranial hematoma caused by a burst blood vessel, resulting in a condition where blood accumulates within the brain tissue or below the skull. This condition creates pressure on the cranium and can be triggered by head trauma, as per the Mayo Clinic’s definition.

Inspiration through Resilience

Despite the difficult situation, Derek expressed his admiration for Hayley’s unwavering willpower and strength, especially during the past 48 hours when she faced the medical emergency. Her resilience has continually inspired him throughout their journey.

The Unexpected Incident

Following their performance in “Symphony of Dance” on Thursday night, Hayley became disoriented the next morning, prompting immediate action. She was quickly rushed to a hospital in Washington, D.C., where the severity of her condition became clear.

The Power of Support

Derek took the opportunity to express his gratitude to their fans for the overwhelming love and support they have received. He humbly acknowledged the offers of assistance that poured in, showing a profound appreciation for the kindness extended to them during this challenging time.

Paying It Forward as a Family

Derek and Hayley hope that as a family, they can find a way to give back to others, following this extraordinary demonstration of support and compassion. Their journey has reinforced their belief in the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need.